Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railways of Scandinavia - Denmark
A Visitor's Guide to Danish Narrow Gauge Railways
by Philip Pacey Last revised 6th July 2012

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1. Frilandsmuseet,

Hjerl Hedevej 14, DK-7830 Vinderup, N. Jylland. Tel. 97 44 80 60


785mm gauge. Steam. Trains operate end-June - mid-August, 12.00 - 16.45, and late Nov and Dec weekends 11.00 - 16.45. A short line simulating a peat railway, at an open-air museum.

2. Mosebrugsbanen, Stendyssevej 16, 8586 Nørre Djurs Tel. 86 38 13 19
600mm gauge. 2.5km. Open Tues, Wed, Thurs 10.00-15.00 May-mid June,

September; Tues, Wed, Thurs, Sat 10.00-15.00 July, August

A 5km peat line, which runs passenger trains hauled by diesel/petrol(?) locos along approximately half its length. A museum of the peat industry is located in Stenvad village.

3. Hedelands Veteranjernbane,

Brandhøjgårdsvej 2, 2640 Hedehusene. Tel. 42 16 39 76/36 46 94 12/46 56 39 76


700mm gauge. Steam, etc. 3.5km. Open Sundays, late May to the beginning of September. Train runs between 11.25 a.m. and 16.05 p.m. Close to Hedehusene DSB station (turn left on leaving the station, follow the road under the railway line). A fine collection of industrial narrow gauge locomotives and stock of various gauges, with a line running into a country park formed around gravel workings, this is the home of the Industriebaneklubben. A miniature railway is also situated in the park.

4. Blovstrød Banen,

Teglværksvej 10, Blovstrød, 3450 Allerød. Tel. 48 17 08 18


700mm gauge. 1.2 km. Steam. Operated by the Dansk Jernbane-Klub on the site of an old brickworks railway. Open on certain summer Sundays and occasionally on other days. When open, trains depart hourly from 11.00 to 16.00. Trains leave from Blovstrødhallen, off Sortemosevej. The site is within walking distance (less than 2km) from Allerød S-bane station.

5. MuseumsCenter Hanstholm,

Tårnvej og Molevej, DK-7730 Hanstholm. Tel. 97 96 17 36 Fax. 97 96 05 95.


600mm gauge. 1.2km. Open through the year except November and some of December., but note that the railway may not be operational even when the museum is open.

Part of a former ammunition railway supporting one of two long range artillery batteries which were installed on either side of the Skagerrak by the Germans in the 2nd World War. The other battery is preserved at the Kristiansand Kanonmuseum, Møvik, Kristiansand, Norway (see below under Norway). Between them the two batteries covered all of the Skagerrak apart from a narrow channel in the middle, which was mined. The original DEMAG diesel locomotive and some trucks can be seen in the museum. The train which carries passengers is hauled by a more recent diesel loco, but the passenger coaches are built onto original rolling stock.

6. Legoland,

Nordmarksvej 9, 7190 Billund. Tel. 75331333

Web: href="">

There are two narrow gauge railways on site. Lego Tog provides rides around the site, while Legoland Minetog presents a passable imitation of a real industrial narrow gauge railway.

7. Mønsted Kalkgruber,

Kalkvæksvej 8, Mønsted, 7850 Stoholm. Tel. [+45] 86 64 6011


550mm gauge. Limestone was quarried here, in open quarries and from caves, and the site was served by a railway system which utilised petrol locomotives. It is now open to the public, and the caves are an important habitat for bats. A complete railway, providing visitors with rides around the site (and into the caves?), was ordered from the British company Alan Keef and installed in summer 2011. The diesel locos were designed to resemble the petrol locos of former times.

8. Lille Vildmose,

Birkesøvej 16, Dokkedal 9280 Storvode Tel. [+45] 9931 75 50


700mm gauge. 8km. This nature reserve is located on a peat moss where peat used to be extracted using narrow gauge railways to carry it. All extraction has cased, and instead the moss is the site of a nature reserve. In 2012 a diesel operated railway, built by Alan Keef, was opened to carry visitors from the Visitor Centre to a lake

9. Ree Park, Ebdtoft Safari ,

Stubbe Sølvej 15 8400 Ebeltoft


The new 'American Express' runs on a 12 and 1/4 inch gauge line across the 'North American prairie'. Coaches have been built in England by Alan Keef. In addition to a diesel loco, there is an 0-6-2T steam loco built by Trevor Stirland at the Exmoor Steam Railway. The railway is due to open for the 2016 season.

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