Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railways of Scandinavia - Finland
A Visitor's Guide to Finnish Narrow Gauge Railways

by Philip Pacey Last revised 6th July 2012
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1. Jokioisten Museorautatie,

Museorautatieyhdistys, PL1, FIN-31601 Jokioinen. Tel. 03 433 3235.


750mm gauge, 14km, Jokioinen-Minkio-Humpilla. Steam. Trains run on Sundays June - Aug, Also, on Saturday night on the third weekend of September ('The Starlight Train'), and on the first Saturday of Ocdtober (an 'Autumn Colours Special'). The museum is open every day from 1st June until mid August.

The museum, at Minkio, includes a collection of narrow gauge locos and stock, of 600, 750, 900, and 1000mm gauges.

2. Nykarleby Jernväg,

Kovjoki Station, Ångloksvägen 113, SF-66930 Kovjoki. Tel. 967 722 5180; 967 722 1582 (Nykarleby tourist office).

Web page:

600mm gauge, 2km. Steam. Open 1st May, Sundays in July. Museum open daily (except Sats) through July. A section of the railway which once, between 1902 and 1916, connected Kovjoki main line station with Nykarleby. The reopened section comprises the 2km from Kovjoki station.

3. Tankavaara Kultakylä

Tankavaaran Kultakylä, 99695 Tankavaara. Tel. (+358) 626 158; Fax (+358) 16 626 261.

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600mm gauge. Museum open daily throughout the year (later opening and earlier closing in the winter). The 'Gold village' is an open air museum devoted to the subject of gold prospecting in Lapland. The railway, which opened in 1997 and may be the most northerly passenger-carrying railway in the world, features a traditional narrow gauge steam-outline diesel locomotive. It is not known whether any parts of the locomotive or items of rolling stock are of any historical interest. Nearest railway stations: Rovaniemi and Kemijärvi; nearest airport; Ivalo. Rovaniemi is the hub of the regional bus network; buses call at the museum site. Accomodation in Tankavaara: Wanha Waskoolimies and Hotel Korundi.

4. Lahnus Espoo

At Lahnus Espoo, near Helsinki, there is said to be a small private 600mm gauge 'hobby' railway which is very occasionally open to the public. Can anyone provide further details, please?

5. Outokummun Kaivosrautatie

Outokummun Kaivosrautatie, Kaivosmiehenpolku 2, 83500 Outokumpu


750mm gauge, 1.15km
This former copper mine was served by both a 750mm gauge railway and by a short broad gauge branch line. Rails and sleepers from the latter have been relaid to create a new narrow gauge line which opened in 2005. Trains operate every day through June, July and August.

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