Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railways of Scandinavia
A Visitor's Guide to Norwegian Narrow Gauge Railways

by Philip Pacey Last revised 6th July 2012
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1. Thamshavnbanen,

Orkla Industrimuseum, N-7332 Trondheim. Tel. 72 49 91 00. Fax 72 49 91 01


1000mm gauge, 22km Løkken-Bårdshaug. Overhead electric. Runs Sundays June, July and August, and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in July. Norway's first electric railway, and the world's first operational electric railway with AC power. Bus from Trondheim (1 hour's journey).

2. Urskog-Hølandsbanen (Tertitten),

Postboks 59, N-1921 Sørumsand. Tel. 47 63 86 81 50


750mm gauge, 4km Sørumsand-Bingfoss. Steam. Early June to end of August, Sundays 4 departures. A remnant of the former Urskog-Høland line (the Tertitten railway) which operated between Sørumsand and Skulerud, a distance of 57km, from 1896 to 1960. NSB train services Oslo-Sørumsand are more than adequate to facilitate a comfortable day trip.

3. Setesdalsbanen,

Grovane, N-4700 Vennesla. Tel. 47 38 15 64 82, Fax. 47 38 15 67 21


1067mm gauge, 12.2km Grovane-Røknes. Steam. Runs mid June to first weekend of September on Sundays, 3 departures, 1130, 1315, & 1510, and evening train on Tuesdays to Fridays in July 1805. A section of the former Setesdalsbanen which operated between Kristiansand and Byglandsfjord, some 78km. NSB trains no longer stop at Grovane; the nearest NSB station is Vennesla, 2-3 miles away. Buses 30/31 run from Kristiansand via Vennesla to Grovane..

4. Lommedalsbanen,

Tolverudvein, Lommedalen in Bærum. Postal address: Postboks 59, 1334 Rykkin Tel. 47 67 56 26 60.


600mm gauge. 0.58km is the operational distance (although the actual length is 1.6km or longer). Steam (etc). Open all Sundays in June, the last two Sundays in August, and all Sundays in September, 11.00 - 15.00. Also some Sundays in December. A working collection of industrial and military locomotives and stock, with a short but spectacular line in glorious scenery. Bus from Oslo to Lommedalen, or train from Oslo to Sandvika, then bus 143 or 753 from the station to the end of the route. To find the railway, proceed through Bærum and out the other side, continuing up the valley to where the road forks. Take the right hand fork.

5. Norsk Jernbanemuseet,

Postboks 491, N-2304 Hamar
Strandveien 132, 2301 Hamar. Tel. 47 62 51 31 60 Fax: 47 62 52 96 99


750mm gauge. 0.5km(?). Steam. Open mid-May - mid-Sept. The national railway museum. The steam-hauled Tertitten train ruuns daily June to mid August, and on Whit weekend of May and last weekend of August. hourly from 11.30 to 15.30. There is much else of narrow gauge interest in addition to the standard gauge exhibits. 30 minutes walk from the centre of Hamar, although the nicest route, along the lake shore, deserves longer. Bus no. 1 from close by Hamar NSB station (every 30 minutes Mon-Sat, hourly Sun).

6. Norsk Bergverksmuseum - Sølvgruvene,

Hyttegt 3, Postboks 18, 3602 Kongsberg. Tel. 47 32 72 32 00


800mm gauge, 2.3km. Diesel locos. Open mid-May - end August, daily.

The museum is on two sites, one in the town centre and the other - including the railway which runs into an adit of a former silver mine - at a distance of 7km. The silver mines are also open Saturdays and Sundays in September, and Sundays in October. The silver mines are in Saggrenda 8 km west of Kongsberg off the E134.

7. Nesttun-Osbanen,

Titlestadvegen 12, Fana, Bergen.

Postal address: Osbanens Venner, P.O.Box 87 Fana, 5859 Bergen


750mm. A small museum dedicated to the Nesttun-Osbanen, which closed in 1935, is located in the former station building at Stend. A restored coach stands on about 40 metres of relaid track.Open Sundays, June and August [closed July]; also on Culture Day in Fana (late October), 11.00-15.00

In addition, at Os the station buildings are preserved and some track has been relaid; a diesel locomotive is located here.

If visiting Bergen, don't miss Fløibanen [see below]

8. Sulitjelma Besøksgruve

Sandnes, 80230 Sulitjelma. Tel. 47 64 06 95


600mm gauge. Open: 7 June to 19 August. A former copper mine, once served by the 1067mm gauge Sulitjelma railway. The mine has been reopened as a tourist attraction. Guided tours are at 1300 daily and make use of a train on the mine's 600mm gauge railway.

9. Folldal Gruver,

2580 Folldal. Tel. 47 62 49 05 05, Fax. 47 62 49 05 35


600mm gauge. 0.6km. Open daily from 10 June to 31 August 1100 to 1800 (1100 to 1700 weekends). The railway carries visitors into an adit of the mine (now a museum).

10. Stiftelsen Konnerudverket,

near Drammen [off the Drammen-Konnerud road, via a rough forest road].
Tel. 47 41 45 95 18


600mm gauge. Several industrial locomotives can be found at this new museum at a former mine, and some 500 metres of track are used to take visitors into an adit.

11. Kristiansand Kanonmuseum,

Møvik, Kristiansand.
PB 5563 Voiebyen, 4677 Kristiansand S.
Tel. 47 38 08 50 90, 47 91 34 39 38, 47 38 12 13 14


600mm gauge. Open daily mid May until end of September. Also open on Sundays the rest of the year. The site of the other long range artillery battery installed by the Germans on either side of the Skagerrak in the Second World War. (See also MuseumsCenter Hanstholm, Denmark, above). Railway equipment preserved here includes a single diesel locomotive, Budich 2570 of 1942, and a number of wagons; both the locomotive and wagons were brought here from the Horten navy dockyard. So far as I know passengers are not carried, although demonstration trains may be operated.

12. Åmdals Verk Gruver

Åmdals Verk, 3880 Dalen. Tel. 47 35 07 77 76; Fax: 47 35 07 79 30

Web: and click on Åmdals Verk gruver.

600mm gauge. 0.6km. 1st |June - 15th August. It is understood that visitors can ride on the railway at this mine museum, but more information would be very welcome

13. Øyer Gjestegård, Oppland

Lilleputthammer, 2636 Øyer
Tel. 47 61 28 55 50


1,000mm gauge. A diesel-powered 'steam outline' locomotive hauls passenger trains on a circuit of track in Lilleputthammer, an amusement park.

14. Kardemommetrikken

Dyreparken, Kristiansand


1,000mm gauge, 155m. Opened in 1991, this line in an amusement park is operated by a battery tram loco.

15. Museumsforeningen Vestfold Privatbaner

Hillestad, Vestfold
Tel. 33 05 02 94

Web: and click on Reidvin-tunet

1067mm gauge. 150m.track has been relaid on the former Holmestrand-Hvittingfossbanen. Visitors can ride on self-proplled trolleys.

16. Gruvemuseet pa Litlabo
on Stord island, north of Leirvik

Venelaget for Gruvo,
Gruva 11, 5415 Stord


For a number of years a group of volunteers have been working hard to create a museum at this former copper mine. The museum is now open every Thursday afternoon, from 12.00 to 18.00, and for parties at other times by arrangement. The visitor experience includes rides on a 600mm gauge diesel-hauled railway into the mine. The railway is to be extended.


.............................................................and three funicular railways:

17. Fløibanen



1,000mm gauge. Fløibanen ascends from the centre of Bergen. It operates every day of the year. Work began in 1914; regular passenger services commenced in 1918. Fløibanen was extensively refurbished in 2002; the buildings were restored, the track relaid, and the cars replaced.

18. Mågelibanen


5770 Tyssedal
Tel. 47 53 65 30 00
Fax. 47 53 65 30 01


800mm gauge. Operates mid-June - mid-August on Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, 9.00 - 19.00. Originally built to give access to one of the lakes supplying water to hydro-electric plants at the Tyssedal electro-chemical factory.

For more information and a series of spectacular photographs:

For information regarding the nearby Norwegian Hydropower & Industrial Museum:Web:
E -mail:

19. Gaustabanen

Gaustatoppen, near Rjukan


800mm gauge. 850m + 1,030m funicular. Built by the armed forces between 1954 and 1958, Gaustabanen serves the NATO installation on the summit of southern Norway's highest mountain. The first section of the line, on which trains are hauled by a Levahn loco, runs into the mountain, and is continued by a funicular which ascends inside the mountain. In April, 2004, the line was opened to visitors for the first time; it will be open on a trial basis on several days, in April, May, and August, 2004, and again in 2005. 280 tickets are available on each day. For more information go to, or contact

Rjukan Skisenter AS
Skrivgata 10,
3660 Rjukan
Tel. 47 900 88 249


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