Narrow Gauge and Industrial Railways of Scandinavia
A Visitor's Guide to Swedish Narrow Gauge Railways
by Philip Pacey Last revised 6th July 2012
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1. Kristianstads Järnvägsmuseum,

Västra Storgatan 74, Kristianstad. Tel. 044 13 57 23; 044 13 52 45


600mm gauge. 250m. Steam, etc. Open Sundays in June, July - mid August daily; Sundays mid-August - mid-Sept, Sat/Sun. The museum's collection includes 600mm, 760mm, and 1067mm as well as standard gauge locos. A short demonstration line of 600mm gauge track has been laid.


2. Munkedals Järnväg,

Box 103, 455 22 Munkedal. Tel. 0524 123 68


600mm gauge. 2.5km, Åtorp - Munkedals hamn. Steam (etc). Open mid July - late Aug, Thursdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. A short walk (approx. 1km) from SJ station at Munkedal. This railway began life as a 600mm line, opened in December 1895, which carried goods and passengers and closed in 1954. Standard gauge track was then laid on the trackbed to provide a purely industrial line linking a paper works with the harbour. When this line closed, the present narrow gauge line was created by adding a third rail between the standard gauge rails, by the Munkedals Järnvägsklubb; opened in 1984/85, it continues to be enthusiastically operated by this small group who hope to extend operations back to Munkedal SJ station in the future.


3. Anten-Gräfnäs Järnväg (AGJ),

Box 300, 441 26 Alingsås. Tel. 0322 721 30, 0322 721 60 [Alingsås tourist information]

E-mail:, [Alingsås tourist information]

891mm gauge. 12km. Steam. Open mid-May - end Aug, Sundays, and Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, mid-June - early Aug. Bus 500, 540 or 560 from Alingsås (interchange with SJ station). Part of the former Vastergotland Goteborgs Järnväg (VGJ). Trains start from Anten, where the workshop, cafe, and museum are situated. At Gräfnäs the station is adjacent to a wooded park and lake shore, with castle ruins and a cafe; a summer cafe is also operated from a private house in grounds overlooking the line not far from the station. On peak Sundays, a railcar operates over the much shorter distance (but including a tunnel) in the other direction, between Anten and Brobacka.

4. Föreningen Ryttarens torvströfabrik,

near Kättilstorp and Sandhem; 20km south east of Falköping

c/o Sven Söderqvist, Åkerängsvägen 8, 521 95 Kättilstorp Tel. 05 15 76 31 68


600mm gauge 3.5km. This is a museum of the peat industry, based on a preserved peat works, to where the light railway brought peat from the adjacent peatmoss for processing and packing. Although the present buildings date from1947, they are more or less identical with the previous buildings whichburned down twice, in 1934 and 1944-6. The works opened in 1906 and closed in 1997. There are three locomotives on site; the one which is used is a 'Hartelius-loket' diesel-electric locomotive, built in 1952, which was inservice when the works closed. Some of the 13 peat wagons have beenconverted for carrying passengers. In 2000 the museum will be open on 21stand 28th May, 18th June, 30th July, and 20th August, and on Wednesdays in May and June. Visits may be arranged on other days via the e-mail address above

5. Örkaggens Järnväg,

10km west of Askersund

Tel. Bo Malmborg, +46 141 211612 (home), +46 70 5745804 (mobile)


600mm. 2.3km. A privately-owned 'hobby' railway, using equipment salvaged from the local peat industry. The five internal combustion locomotives include Simplex 9335/1948. This railway, located in woodland next to a lake, can be visited by prior arrangement.

6. Skara-Lundsbrunns Järnvägar,

Box 191, 532 23 Skara. Tel/fax. 0511 136 36


891mm gauge. 11.2km, Skara - Lundsbrunns. Steam. Open July-August, Sundays, and Tuesdays and Thursdays in July. Bus 200 from Skovde and Lidköping; bus 1, 5, and 202 from Mariestad and Falköping; bus 203 from Falköping; bus 801 from Goteborg and Örebro. Part of the former Vastergötland-Goteborgs Järnväg (see also no. 7 below). The Gotene-Vara section, used only for goods by then, was closed by SJ in 1984. 17km from Vara to Nossebro remained open for industrial traffic, while Skara-Lundsbrunns was taken over by a preservation group which since1967 had restored and taken care of VGJ steam locomotive no. 29.


7. High Chaparall,

Box 56
SE-330 33 Hillerstorp


750mm gauge. Steam. This theme park ('the Wild West in Småland) operates trains hauled by Polish 0-8-0 tender locomotives. Three locos are on site, of which two are in steam whenever the park is open between mid-May and mid-August.

8. Ohs Bruks Järnvägs Museiförening (Ohsabanan)

Ohs Bruk, c/o Box 179, 351 04 Växjö. Tel. 0370 6510 75, 0370 6511 11

E-mail: mailto:info@ohsabanan

600mm gauge. 14.8km, Ohs Bruk - Bor Norra. Steam (etc). Open mid-June - late Aug, Sundays, also Tuesdays, Weds, Sats in July.

The re-opening of the SJ station at Bors in January 2008 means that Ohsabanen is once again accessible by public transport. The 11.32 from Alvesta connects with the only Ohsabanen departure from Bor Norra; returning on the 16.30 from Ohs Bruk there is a connection at Bor for the 18.05 to Alvesta. It is also possible to stay at a new bed and breakfast at Ohs Bruk.

A section of the railway built between 1907 and 1910 from Ohs Bruk to Bor to carry timber from the forest; there was a paper mill at Ohs.The line was closed in 1967. and was re-opened as a preserved line in 1970.

9. Smalspårsjärnvägen Västervik-Hultsfred,

Box 173, 593 23 Västervik. Tel. 0490 36510; 0495 16062, 0495 13486 (tourist office, Hultsfred)


891mm. 60km, Västervik-Hultsfred. Diesel railcars. Steam trains operate from Vastervik along part of the line on summer weekends.

Bicycle trolley hire is available on the 11km Hultsfred-Hesjön section of the former Växjö-Västervik line:
Tel. 0495 134 86, Fax. 0495 160 66
E -mail:,


10. Böda skogsjärnväg [Böda Forest Railway],

Grankulla 1473, 380 74 Byxelkrok. Tel.04 85 241 40. .


600mm gauge, 4.1km Fagerrör - Trollskogen. Steam (etc). Open late June - mid-Aug, Tues, Thurs, Sunday, and every day in the second half of July. (Steam on Sundays). Bicycle trolleys for hire Apr-Oct except when trains run. Bus 106 from Kalmar and Borgholm.


11. Östergötlands Jãrnvägsmuseum,

Gamla Linköping, Linköping Tel. 01312 1110. Fax. 01312 3029


891mm. 0.1km (laid in 1994). (Also 600mm gauge static exhibits). Open daily late June - early August, 13.00 - 16.00 The Museum is primarily concerned with the former Mellersta Östergötlands Järnvägar. Buses from city centre.

12. Risten-Lakviks Järnväg,

Lakvik, near Linköping Tel. 0120 60064.

Web page:

600mm. 2km. Open Sats in July. Bus 538/539 from Linköping.

13. Vadstena-Fågelsta Järnväg,

Museiföreningen Vadstena-Fågelsta Järnväg, Järnvägsstationen, 592 30 Vadstena. Tel. 0143 311 45, 0143 151 25. Fax. 1042 865 38


891mm gauge. 9.6km, Vadstena - Fågelsta. Steam (etc). Open on Saturdays, Sundays, and on some Wednesday evenings from the end of May to the end of August. Opening dates in September and October to be confirmed. Bicycle trolley available every day from May to September. Steam haulage may be provided during the high season.


14. Gotlands Hesselby Järnväg,

Föreningen Gotlandståget, Box 31, 620 24 Dalhem, Gotland. Tel. 0498 380 45, 0498 509 90


891mm gauge. 1km, Hesselby-Eken. Steam. Open Sundays mid-June - late-Aug, and Saturdayss, Sundays and Weds through July. Also once in the winter, usually the first Saturday after Christmas. Bus 41 from Visby stops at Hesselby station [which is actually in the village of Dalhem]. A fragment of the once extensive narrow gauge network on the island of Gotland.

15. Bläse Kalkbruksmuseum,

Bläse Fleringe, 620 54 Fårösund, Gotland. Tel/fax. 0498 22 46 62


600mm gauge. 2.2km, Bläse hamn - Kalkbrottet. Steam (etc). May-Aug, daily. A museum, with working railway, on the site of a limestone quarry. Not very accessible by public transport: take bus no. 21 from Visby, alight at Rute, and walk 7-8km.


16. Östra Södermanlands Järnväg (OSlJ)

Box 53, 647 00 Mariefred. Tel. 0159 21006/0159 21000. Fax. 0159 21115.


600mm gauge. 11 km, Mariefred-Läggesta.-Taxinge. Steam. Open May-Sept, Sats and Suns, and daily, late June - mid Aug. A 600mm line recreated on the trackbed of a former standard gauge branch line, with locos and stock from several closed 600mm lines. Trains from Stockholm and Eskilstuna to Läggesta run approximately hourly; journey time is 37 minutes from Stockholm. Can also be visited from Stockholm by means of a highly recommended one day circular tour involving the main line railway and a steam ship on Lake Mariefred.

In 2011 the OSlJ opened an extension of the line, more than doubling its length, from Läggesta to Taxinge Näsby, on the trackbed of a former standard gauge branch line. At the same time the opportunity was taken to introduce a rail-and-boat round trip, with a boat between Mariefred and Taxinge.

17. Frövi Maskin- och Bruksbanemusum,

Box 89, 71822 Frövi.Tel/fax. 0581 314 61


600mm gauge. 0.7km. Steam (etc). Open June - late Aug, Sundays; also Mons & Sats, first half of July. 2km east of Frövi. Train to Frövi. Bus 314 from Örebro. A collection of industrial locos and stock with a short line on which passenger trains operate.

Uppland; Stockholm

18. Möja Järnväg,

Bergs Brygga, Möja. Tel. 08 571 643 09, 070 728 42 14. Fax. 530686 65.


600mm. 0.1m. Steam. This very short but delightful 'hobby' railway, built and owned by Nils-Gunnar Ohlson, is situated close to the ferry landing at Berg, on the island of Möja on the outer edge of the Stockholm archipelago. Nils owns a historic O. & K. steam loco, and has built a small steam locomotive himself. He is happy to raise steam and welcome visitors by prior arrangement during July and August. Two or three ferries operate daily from Stockholm; the 2-3 hour voyage is a delight in itself.

19. Roslagsbanan,

Stockholm Östra. Tel. 08 686 27 80


891mm gauge. Overhead electric. Suburban services from Stockholm Östra to Kärsta, Österskäar and Näasbypark, now operated by Roslagståg [a consortium, 90% owned by DSB]. This railway was once part of a larger system, the Stockholm-Roslagens Järnvägar; it was the first railway in Sweden to be electrified, in 1895.

Special trains made up of veteran stock run on Sundays in July. For details:

Tel. 073 660 62 26

20. Uppsala-Lenna Järnväg (Lennakatten),

Museiföreningen Stockholm-Roslagens Järnvägar (SRJmf), PO Box 3076, S-75003 Uppsala. Tel. 46 18 13 05 00


Open Sundays, June - August, and on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays in July. 891mm gauge. 32.6km. Steam; two locomotives are in steam on Sundays, one on other days. The former Uppsala-Faringe section of the Stockholm-Roslagens Järnvägar. The Uppsala terminus is located in Bergsprunnaparken, where it will remain during rebuilding of Uppsala station and development of the station area. The loco depot and works are at Faringe, but are at some distance from the station and are not routinely open to visitors..

21. Sollentuna Enskilda Järnväg,

Sollentuna. 600mm gauge. 1.2km.

Sadly, this railway closed in September 1996. Its stock has been distributed to other 600mm railways.


22. Hagfors-Uddeholms Museijärnväg,

Box 190, 683 24 Hagfors. Tel 0563 617 65/188 00, 010 691 51 61

891mm gauge. 6.7km. Bicycle trolleys for hire. Open May-Sept. Bus 304 from Karlstad. A section of the former electrified Nordmark-Klarälvens-Järnväg (NKlJ) which lost its passenger traffic in 1964 but part of which carried freight (mainly timber and paper products) until 1990. Visitors wanting a ride must travel under their own steam, so to speak. There are long-term plans to restore electric-powered operations to part of the line. A museum largely devoted to the NKlJ can be found in Hagfors:

23. Hagfors Järnvägs- och Industrimuseum,

Box 77, 683 22 Hagfors. Tel. 0563 149 00

Open early June- late Aug, afternoons, daily. Bus 304 from Karlstad. A museum larged devoted to the NKlJ (see above), including three steam locos, steam and diesel inspection trolleys, one electric loco, the power car of an EMU, and a diesel railbus.

24. Älvsjöhyttans hästjärnväg,

near Filipstad

700mm. 650 metres. Opened in 1998, this horse-powered passenger-carrying tramway follows the route of an earlier tramway, also operated by horses, built in the 1850s to a gauge of 742mm, which was one of many such tramways connecting a series of lakes, or bypassing waterfalls, which together constituted a route by means of which iron ore was transported from mines in the Berslagen region to processing plants further south. Open on special occasions only.


25. Närsen-Gråntjärns Järnväg

Dala-Floda, west of Borlänge


A 500mm and 600mm gauge private 'hobby' railway, with over 20 internal combustion locos23.

26. Smedjebackens Ångbåtshamn,

Smedjebacken (station). Tel. 0240 660145. Fax. 0240 74489.


600mm and 802mm static exhibits.

27 . Jädraås-Tallås Järnväg (JTJ),

Stationshuset, 816 91 Jädraås. Tel. 0297 451 90, 0297 453 95. Fax 0297 451 87


891mm gauge. 4.5km. Steam. Open June-Aug, Sundays (and occasional Sats). Part of the former Dala-Ockelbo-Norrsundet Järnväg (DONJ), built between 1876 and 1881 primarily to carry iron ore and timber. The nearest main line station is at Ockelbo, but sadly there is no local bus service on Sundays. For visitors dependent on public transport it may be worth contacting JTJ in advance to see if anyone can pick you up from Ockelbo - it worked for me!

The Swedish railway museum at Gävle, which includes several narrow gauge exhibits relating to this and other railways, is not far away:

28. Sveriges Järnvägsmuseum,

Box 407, Rälsgatan 1, 80105 Gävle 1. Tel. 0 26 14 46 15 Fax. 026 14 45 98


Located on the E4 road. Served by the no. 6 bus from the Rådhus in the town centre. It is also a moderate (15-20 minutes) walk from the main line station: turn left on leaving the station, follow the main line until you reach allotment gardens; enter the gardens and imediately take the left fork and turn left again onto a footpath which takes you under the railway, then turns right and leads you to the museum. Open Tuesday - Sunday 10.00 - 16.00, also Mons June-Aug.


29. Landabanan,

Landaforsen, Segersta.

c/o Peter Ericsson, Box 1062, 821 12 Bollnäs. Tel. 0278 65 33 73; 0278 61 19 39
600mm gauge. 0.9km. Open late June - mid Aug, daily, certain Wednesday evenings, July/August.

Enthusiasts started building this railway in 1991. It is on part of the trackbed of an 891mm gauge horse-powered tramway, which between 1861 and 1879 carried goods and passengers past an un-navigable section of a river south of Ljusnan. The present-day railway uses two diesel locomotives and a steam loco on loan from the Swedish railway museum.


30. Loke i Galtström,
Galtströms Bruk,

Tel. 060 381 01, 070 312 99 40

891mm gauge. Open on Sundays between June and September, weather permitting.

A group of enthusiasts, Föreningen Galtströmståget (FGT), has relaid track on part of the trackbed of the railway which served the former ironworks, now a museum. Trains are hauled by a historic steam locomotive, 0-6-0T 'Loke', which dates from 1887.


31. Robertsfors Bruksjärnväg,

Robertsfors Tel. 0934 10332

Web page:

762mm gauge. 1km. Open occasionally. Bus 12 from Umeå or Skellefteå. Preserved remains, including five electric locos, of a 750mm gauge industrial line opened in 1878, electrified in 1900, and closed in 1961.


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