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An overview of Nordic (as opposed to merely Scandinavian) narrow gauge would not be complete without mention of a handful of railways far away from the Scandinavian mainlands. These include the 900mm and 914mm (3 imperial feet) gauge railways built to serve coal mines on Norwegian-owned Spitzbergen, and a 1000mm gauge railway on Bear Island. A 850mm gauge railway with two steam locomotives (which survive to this day) was utilised in Iceland between 1913 and 1933 in the construction of the modern Reyjavik harbour by a Danish company. Also in Iceland, 600mm track was used on piers at several locations to unload fishing boats; a wagon and a length of track can be seen at the museum at Ísafjordur. In Greenland, a Danish overseas territory, 600, 750, 785 and 914mm railway equipment has been used in cryolite and other mining operations.
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