Other Publications

In addition to Skandiapilen, the society has produced several other publications.

Skandiapilen Special: Photo Gallery

This Special Edition of Skandiapilen was produced to celebrate our 25th Anniversary in 2019. 38 Pages of photos (75 colour, 2 black and white) are complemented by a brief history of the society. Copies are available to non-members for £2.50 from the society stand.

Skandiapilen Special: SJ 150

Published to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of Swedish Railways in 2006, this featured 61 colour photos recording the events held at the Swedish Railway Museum in Gävle.

Unfortunately, this is now out of print.

A Visitor’s Guide to Narrow Gauge Railways

Written by our Honorary President, Phil Pacey, this gives an overview of the many and varied narrow gauge railways operating in Scandinavia.

It is hoped to produce a new and updated version in the future.